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Business decisions require you to make predictions about sales, prices et cetera. brings you online apps you can easily use to understand your business more objectively and make predictions anytime anywhere. And the best part is, fastPredict is a social initiative, dreamed, designed and developed using open source technology.

What can I do at/ with fastPredict? (Q1/10)

A1. Start predicting in minutes. How about making a forecast?

What if I have lots of data? (Q2/10)

A2. Excellent! When related, you can use additional information to improve the accuracy of your analysis. Say, if you know B (humidity) and C (temperature), you can improve the forecast accuracy of A (the amount of snow on the ground) that you predict for next period (week).

Do I need to install anything (Q3/10)?

A3. Absolutely nothing!

How do I enter data? (Q4/10)

A4. There are two options. You can upload a spreadsheet (in .csv format) or key in each value yourself. For a better experience, please use a computer with broadband Internet connection.

Is fastPredict safe? (Q5/10)

A5. The transport layer security (TLS), that fastPredict uses, is the newest protocol that has replaced the secure sockets layer (SSL). Always remember to check the lock sign on the address bar! For further information please check and fastPredict is proud to be an early adopter of this global social movement to make the Internet a safer and more transparent place.

How about my privacy? (Q6/10)

A6. Shhh. Naturally, access privilages are yours only! The random Internet folder created for your session is deleted immediately from the server as you exit. This folder is not only very difficult to locate but also if you forget to exit, servers will auto-close and delete the folder after being idle for a few minutes.

Where is fastPredict's geographical location? (Q7/10)

A7. In New York City, operating on highly priced but robust cloud computing servers.

Who should we thank to for the fastPredict? (Q8/10)

A8. Yourself. The concept has been dreamed, designed and developed by a scientist who desires to help with analytical thinking and reduce barriers to data-driven decision making. Societies grow better if we can democratize the analysis.

How much does it cost? (Q9/10)

A9. Flexible applications are free to use. For other queries, feel free to send an e-mail to "fastpredictors" at gmail.

Does fastPredict offer any warranties or guarantees? (Q10/10)

A10. No. The service is offered 'as is'. Results are automatic and they can be misleading as well. Liability is yours for any interpretation of these results. Please read the terms of use. By using the service you agree that you cannot hold responsible fastPredict for any decisions you make based on your analysis. After all, fastPredict is here to help you with your numbers but you certainly know better.

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